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Below is a short list of just some of the comments we have received from our clients

have decided to cease running my website so I won't be needing to renew. Thank you for your service for the last eleven years I think it is. I have only needed to contact you a few times but you have always provided excellent, quick service. I would certainly use you again if I was needing hosting etc. .. Joe D

I am astounded by your amazing level of service. You replied to a specific detailed question immediately in the middle of the evening. Your reply was friendly, spot on, and answered all queries. I've sent you lots of queries over the years and it's been the same every time. I will always recommend you to anyone. .. Mike S

I wish to extend grateful thanks to you for your generosity, and also once again appreciation of the immense assistance I have received from you, especially at the start when, two years ago, I knew absolutely nothing at all about the creation of websites and their transfer to the hosting site etc.. The fact that the site is now attracting so many visitors is most gratifying, and far exceeds my expectations .. Nigel K

Many thanks for such a quick response, it has to be the quickest I've had from any support ticket I've raised with any other host/domain provider. Great work, thankyou! .. Peter R

I will also continue to recommend Seem to friends and family since the service, speed of replies and willingness to help with issues were all excellent. .. Rod F

Just wanted to say thank you for all your help. The speed in which you reply is phenomenal. No jibberish either which is very common from support people. Very impressive service. thanks a lot. .. Sam W

Sincere appreciation for a first class service - the whole thing is now working beautifully. .. Frank T

You have been real stars at helping me with my website so thank you very much for all your time and patience. .. Magali

Once again, you impress... I'm not used to such a prompt response and resolving of 'issues' so unobtrusively. Well done you guys. .. Kiron B

It's nice to be dealing with Seem again. You might not be the cheapest but you do give the best service around! .. Mata H

Thank you so much for taking the time to sort that out. If you ever need a customer feedback piece for your sales website, apply to me. I am always impressed with your prompt and helpful responses. .. Andrew F

Thanks ever so much for all your advice today, very much appreciated. It seems to be working beautifully and will save us a great deal of work and time. .. Chris B

Thank you very much for your understanding and the prompt service. I have been extremely impressed .. Malcolm C

I have to say, I am very impressed with your customer support! I believe it is very rare to get an immediate reply and to be as helpful! Thank you. .. David M

Thank you so much. Makes me remember why I use your company. Most helpful .. Trevor

Cheers for your assitance - great to know there are other folks out there when you're up against it. .. Chris M

I just wanted to say thank you for all the support you have given over the last 5 years. It has been exemplary. .. Stuart L

We wish we knew what your name is because you're a marvel - apparently working on a Bank Holiday to cure our self-inflicted problems! And cure them you did, instantly! Thank you so much for some very fast action and reaction. We appreciate it a lot! .. Stu G

Thanks for all your help once again your are stars thanks .. Arran Heath

You guys are amazing - what a service! .. Martin T people are still the cheapest I've found, and you replied fastest to a batch of emails I sent out asking about prices. You're really running a superb service, I just thought you'd like to be told that! .. Mata

Nice to send a question via email, late at night and get a working answer back straight away. Your service leaves a lot of the others standing. Thanks again .. Sue P

You are an absolute star and if you ever need a favour please, please do not hesitate to ask. Fantastic service and nice people with it .. Fiona

Do we have such a thing as the internet company grammys or something? You lot would be wining best act without a doubt .. Steve

Just a quick note to all at Seem Internet Solutions I have been with several hosting companies and you have been by far the best, with your speedy and helpful support team and you also have the best and clearest control panel I have ever seen at such a low cost as well how do you do it? My only regret is that I didn't find you sooner it would have stopped a lot of frustration! .. Dave L

Thank you so much, you have helped our organisation out a whole load today and we really really appreciate it. The fee has been paid and we look forward to working with you for a long time in the future. .. Steve S

I would dearly love to say that Seem are terrible because so far they appear to me to be the best kept secret on the net - ..... I will come clean and admit that I use them to host all of my client's accounts and have never had any problems with them. The customer service is fantastic, always prompt and courteous, and a world away from cheaper hosting packages. They get ten out of ten AND a gold star in my book .. Figgi

My God do you people never rest... Again thanks for the speedy response - I'm very impressed   ..  Rich M

You guys are unbelievable - is nothing too much trouble? I am now recommending you too all my friends - Keep up the good work  ..  Danny K 

Firstly, thank you for your amazingly quick reply. I was pleasantly astonished! Thank you again for your time, and as clearly demonstrated, a great service.  ..  Julian M

By the way, Your level of support has been excellent. thanks - I know computers are 'orrible irratitional beings, not to mention the users, and I am glad I don't work in support   ..  Richard W

It's good to know there are still companies around that offer true support for their customers  ..   Graeme B

Thanks again for all the help last week and for your confirmation email. Its your attention to detail, degree of care and prompt attention to service that retains me and no doubt others as a customer  ..   Darren S

Has anyone ever told you that your customer support is excellent.  You must
never sleep (like me)
  ... John R


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